At LockTech, we develop locksmith related tools designed by locksmiths to aid in performing different tasks easier and more efficiently. Among our lineup is the popular AccuReaders, specialized ignition removal kits, as well as many other tools related to lock-smithing.

“Motorcycle Keys Made Easy”

With Motorcycle AccuReaders you can read from any lock, including the ignition. Have you ever had to originate a motorcycle key by removing the gas cap and disassembling the lock… only to find out the ignition had been changed? What a huge waste of time! Even if the motorcycle has different keys for the ignition, gas cap, and helmet lock, AccuReaders will let you make a key for each lock in minutes, and with no dis-assembly!

Now the same technology that started our Motorcycle AccuReaders available for automobiles. AccuReaders for motorcycles have been such a big success, the next logical step was to make them for automobiles. Auto AccuReaders are designed to be used in doors, trunks, etc. They are not designed to be used in sidebar ignitions. Look for many new automotive AccuReaders in the near future.

​​​What Can AccuReader Do

For You?


  • Pays for itself on the first job.

  • Reads actual depths (with some exceptions).

  • Save tons of time on your key origination.

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